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You know me, you know why

yomikoda:Said it before, saying it again… the Nogitsune is really fucking fed-up witih how stubborn this kid is about hanging on."You take the human without any training, they said. He’ll be easy to break, they said. Look at how pretty he is when he’s hurting, they said…" it mutters while trying to shove Stiles back into that tiny little compartment of his brain where the lost things go. All the while, Stiles is twisting and slipping out of his grip throwing things around in his own brain, and dodging behind piles of lasting but unimportant memories. (Who knew all those baseball statistics would actually be good for something, he thinks, watching the Nogitsune swearing as it trips over R.A. Dickey’s cummulative ERA with with Mets.) " Happy Moonday Everyone !This is actually hilarious! Katiegeeks and Yokimoda we LOVE this.  

Reviens ici espèce de petit con !!




the  D i v i n e  Move
                      - I will place the finale stone chess piece



The Stiles in the previous one was basically just a sketch, and I wasn’t happy with it, so I tried something different. Still not 100% happy with it, but posting anyway. (You can deleted this babbling, btw) 





How to be a cool kid according to Derek Hale.

This is exactly how it went. I am sure. this is perfect.image

Blouson en cuir  Entrée remarquée

"Maintenant tu es prête." 

Plus de sourcils.




… don’t ask



Je- je ne peux pas lire ça

-Bon, tu peux lire ça ?

-Je t'ai dit que je n'arrivais-

T'es qu'un cul 

Tu peux ?



I - I’m the King? (x)





Oh god i couldn’t resist, so i did one too. Im so happy, sterek makes me happy! ;u;





Hé Scott ? On devrait les réveiller ?

Nan, laisse-les dormir.




Nighty Night:)
For hoax1918
I dun even know my art style anymore… zacksdoodles

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You know me, you know why

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